Ripening for Harvest,  10th October,  2018

Ripening for Harvest means

preparing to be the good wheat for the final Harvest

when Jesus returns.

Hope in the autumn!
Generally autumn and the approach of winter can be tinged with sadness.  The flowers are fading, the crops are in, the leaves are falling, the evenings get darker quicker, and we miss the warm days.
I have heard people saying this, but for this afternoon in the garden it seemed as summer were having a last fling.  The sky was blue, there was warmth in the air and the breezes were soft.  Sitting there for a few minutes, I noticed something that surprised me.  The leaves of the grapehyacinths have been through for a week o vtwo telling me that deep in the earth the bulbs are swelling and already in their fleshy layers the flower buds are shaping up just ready for the call of spring.  But as I looked I saw some yellow flowers out already.  The berberis with its tiny daffodil shaped flowers was already ih flower.  And then I saw on the rockery that the yellow wallflower was well in bloom.  I had not seen these treasures coming!
I believe that through a garden God can give us just the hope we need to take us through more difficult times.  There are grey and  rainy days forecast, but the little yellow flowers will still be in bloom! Try looking around you and see what you can see that truly lifts your heart.
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